Technical excellence is our standard.

Highland is valued by our customers for having the highest standards for technical innovation and proficiency and some of the most skilled and knowledgeable materials development and production experts in the world.

Our enthusiastic team gladly partners with customers in working out the gritty details of every project and finding solutions for the knottiest problems. Our level of expertise is reflected in the remarkable variety of fabric forming techniques we deploy and the coating and finishing methods at our command, including specialized technologies available from only a few companies in the world.

Take, for example, our spacer fabric—a three-dimensional knit textile that must be created on a machine with enough degrees of freedom to knit two separate surfaces at the same time while combining the interior spacing fiber/yarn into both surfaces. The machine must also be able to create a gap between the two knit surfaces at the sufficient distance to create the necessary thickness to meet the customers’ needs. The fabric must also be thermally treated so that it maintains dimensional stability and can then be cut into parts.

Originally developed for ventilated, climate-controlled seating in luxury automobiles, the material is also ideal for recreational seating, bedding, ventilation pads in apparel and foam replacement. Stretchable and fatigue- and compression-resistant as well as excellent for facilitating airflow, spacer fabrics are the kinds of materials that Highland prides itself on creating and that few manufacturers have the skill required to match.