Highland Environmental Award Honors Eight Consecutive Years of Landfill-Free Operations

April 20, 2018 (Cheraw, South Carolina) - Highland Industries celebrated its eighth anniversary of landfill-free operation this week and was honored with an Environmental Trendsetter Award in recognition of its leadership and innovation in recycling and community stewardship.

For eight consecutive years, the company has achieved the goal of repurposing or recycling 100 percent of any left-over manufacturing materials and other waste products.

The award was presented by ICE Recycling, a visionary environmental firm based in Lake City, South Carolina that partnered with Highland to design, implement, and sustain its landfill-free program. ICE Recycling's Wesley Ballou and Jonathan Finley presented the award to Highland leaders Scott Burkhardt, Vice President of Industrial Business; Evans Tindal, Plant Manager for Highland's Cheraw Facility; and Charles Watson, Plant Manager for Highland's Kernersville Facility.

Highland award recipients

(Published in The Link on April 25, 2018.  Reprinted with permission.)

In presenting the award, ICE's Ballow specifically cited the company's can-do attitude, declaring that "Highland has proven their commitment to being a leader in environmental stewardship time and again."

Tindal [Cheraw Plant Manager] commented, "Eight years ago, we were sending 28 containers to the landfill every month," referring to intermodal twenty-foot equivalent unit (TEU) containers, each of which has a cubic volume of 33.2 cubic meters. "Now if you want to throw something away, you can't do it at Highland. It is incredible to think about the sheer volume of bi-product diverted from the landfill to be repurposed and recycled into useful products. We are thankful for the good fortune to have found ICE Recyclling, our partner in the endeavor, and for the hard work of our own Mike Chapman, who saw how important this project could be and ran with it to make it a reality."

Cheraw Mayor Andy Ingram congratulated the company on its achievement. "I want to thank Scott [Burkhardt], Evans [Tindal], and your whole staff here for being such good corporate citizens of the town of Cheraw. I congratulate you on this milstone that you've reached. It's mind-boggling to me that you haven't sent anything to the landfill for eight consecutive years."

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(Published in The Link on April 25, 2018. Reprinted with permission.)

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