Highland Industries Named Healthiest Midsize Employer in the Triad region of North Carolina

(Kernersville, North Carolina) - Highland Industries has been named as Healthiest Midsize Employer by the Triad Business Journal in its most recent awards to recognize outstanding employee wellness programs in the Triad region of North Carolina. The program enjoys an employee participation rate of 80 percent.

Highland's employee wellness program includes biometric screenings, monthly employee events, and competitive challenges to promote wellness. Rewards for participation and progress include insurance premium incentives tied to favorable biometric screening results and gift card prizes for competitive challenges.

Highland has partnered with Novant Health to provide health seminars on nutrition and wellness to address common needs such as stress management, motivation and goal-setting, meal portion control, and the importance of a good night's rest.

The program encourages physical activity and fitness through walking challenges and the reimbursement of gym membership fees. A web-based "Healthcheck 360" resource futher provides access to wellness webinars, informative articles, participation in group challenges, and web-based tools for tracking personal progress and achievement.

In its article announcing Highland's recognition as Healthiest Midsize Employer, the Triad Business Journal  highlighted two exemplary employees for their acheivements in the wellness program:

  • Robert Lowry, a frame operator, was cited for turning a pedometer walking challenge into a springboard for a healthier lifestyle in which he now goes to the gym five times a week, eats better and reduced his intake of fast food, stopped drinking alcohol, lost 35 pounds. As a result, he gained both muscle and confidence and is now working on his next challenge to quit smoking.
  • Misty Wooten, also a frame operator, joined a friendly weight loss competition between departments to get healthier to keep up with her toddler son. She stopped smoking, lost more than 40 pounds, and gained confidence she never had before.

About Highland

For more than fifty years, Highland Industries has specialized in the invention, engineering, and manufacture of high-performance industrial fabrics for use across a diverse array of industry sectors including automotive, military, industrial, aerospace, medical, and other applications. By combining the latest materials science with decades of expertise, Highland has built a reputation for excellence, consistently exceeding the most demanding performance and regulatory standards. Headquartered in Kernersville, NC, Highland is focused on the value, creativity, collaboration and problem-solving that emerges when we build good teams and give them the freedom to innovate.