By coating and laminating a wide variety of base fabrics with polyurethane (PU), polyvinylchloride (PVC), and other specialized chemistries, Highland creates air-, liquid- and gas-holding materials that can be used to make finished products through radio-frequency (RF), hot air, ultrasonic or other sealing technologies.


  • RF weldable
  • Flame resistance (FR)
  • Antimicrobial
  • UV resistance
  • Chemical, air or moisture barriers
  • Piece-weldable for constructed applications

Our fabrics can be fused together with radio frequency, ultrasonic, hot bar or hot air welding—so customers can build air-holding or barrier products in the shapes they need.

We test every coated and laminated product for tear strength, needed chemical properties, adhesion and hydrostatic pressure, so users can count on it to perform.

If you prefer to purchase cut parts instead of roll goods, Highland can provide this solution as well.


  • Product development
  • Solvent coating
  • Lamination
  • Die cutting


  • REACH-compliant products
  • Aviation life vests
  • Aviation life rafts
  • Marine safety rafts – leisure and military
  • Raft canopy fabrics
  • Medical air-holding devices
  • Medical gel liquid-holding devices
  • Liquid storage (FDA approved)

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