Where solid science meets flexible minds.

You can’t hold an idea in your hands. But when a product comes off the line and does just what the customer needs it to, it becomes tangible. That journey is where the power of invention comes through. And it’s a thrill every time.

At Highland, manufacturing is only the last step in a comprehensive process that begins with imagining, inventing, engineering, and problem-solving. When you work with our engineers, you can expect a lot of questions about what you do and how you do it. But you’ll never hear the term “standard solution,” because our service and solutions are custom-tailored. You’re more likely to hear, “We thought of a way to do it even better.” We treat your initial need as a milestone, not the end of our effort.

Think about how much computers have changed in just the last several years. Think about similar changes in communications, cars, and other things we use every day. Textile and materials processes have made similar leaps, and many of them happened here. Today, Highland has the enhanced performance characteristics, quality control, and production capacity to make products no one could have imagined decades ago.