If you can define a need, we can create a high-performance solution for it.

If you ask us for a catalog of the products we make, we’ll have to admit there isn’t one. That’s because we approach every job with the understanding that each customer’s needs are unique.

Highland creates custom, specialized materials for industry, aerospace, medicine, automakers, builders, the military or anyone else who relies on high-performance materials. And our customers look to us to meet those needs with creativity, diligence, energy and a professional impatience with the concept of “good enough.”

The combination of remarkably diverse fabric formation capabilities at our Cheraw facility, the coating and finishing technologies at our Kernersville facility, and the array of state-of-the-art options at our  Composite Structures facility makes Highland not only one of the most comprehensive industrial fabric and materials operations in the world but also one of the most flexible.

No matter the performance characteristics needed—whether a material needs to be fire-retardant, antimicrobial, UV resistant, a barrier to chemicals or water, breathable or able to permit moisture transfer—we are equipped and able to produce it.

Take, for example, our rubber coating capabilities. Our specialized mixing and coating equipment allows us to work with customers to produce the best finished product for any particular application—whether EPDM and neoprene products for automotive and industrial manufacturers and after-markets, or mechanical rubber fabrics coated with nitrile, RFL, RFN, natural rubber or silicone to meet the high pressure demands of aviation customers or the oil and gas industry.