What do we live for? A challenge.

Highland’s product engineering stands at the modern frontier of materials science, and our team loves nothing more than finding innovative solutions for our customers’ challenges. We have embraced these challenges, producing advanced materials to meet market demands and evolving application needs for more than 60 years—and we have no interest in slowing down now.

Our experience with different formation techniques and a wide variety of finishing technologies allows our team to create fabrics and composite materials that can reliably and consistently perform in the most extreme conditions or to the most exacting standards. It also allows us to imagine and develop materials to replace and surpass existing solutions and address problems that have long stymied our customers.

Working with the military, Highland has created lighter-weight, stronger materials for tents and flight jackets; safer, more comfortable linings for helmets and body armor for troops; and a host of other materials that save energy, reduce costs, prevent injuries and save lives.